Another Session at the Library Today

People think they know about finance, but I have found their knowledge to be sparse. Thus, I enjoy educating the public with lectures at the library so the community can learn more about my specialty—home loans and related finances. These subjects touch most families, but they don’t give them much of their time. Thus, I offer regular sessions so I can reach more people in the vicinity. I have a prepared presentation with visuals in the form of PowerPoint. People relate to numbers, for example, when they can see them. Charts and graphs also make a statement and I spend time with my pointer explaining how they work. The idea is get people on the right track and to let them know that a home loan is not an impossible and overly lengthy process. It should not be as intimidating as it now is. Most bankers want to help you and are on your side.

My trusty backpack totes my laptop to and fro. It is padded so it protects my vital equipment. There is enough room for my pointer, my wallet, my car keys, and of course my mobile phone. I love all the zippered pockets that segregate things for easy retrieval. I found it after reading Backpacks Magazine. Who doesn’t like to be a font of information so I am upgrading and updating my lecture all the time as new data appears in the media. Banking is a popular topic and finance is universal. I am at the heart of the world’s economic universe. Finance as a subject is all-encompassing and can include the vast realm of investments of which there are seven: bank accounts, stocks or equities, bonds, real estate, currencies, commodities, and insurance. I know you are thinking that I forgot mutual funds. They are actually the same investments in a new wrapper, which is a pool of money managed by an advisor. So, I keep it simple and sane. You can get into hedge funds and the like, but they are just equities in new guide.

Finance can be sophisticated such as when I explain how interest rates work. It can also be mundane when I discuss the importance of a budget and overhead. Everyone must deal with finance if they have a job, are saving for their kids’ college education, or are getting ready for eventual retirement. If you ignore these important things and start too late, you will be caught up in “the run for the roses,” which means you are desperate to sock away enough for retirement and could run out of money in a short period of time.

When I put away my laptop and close the backpack, I know I am done for the day. I have played my part in finance education and I always hope it reaches the audience. Many people look mystified and others entranced. In any case, I think I have succeeded in my goal.