Finally Sleeping Better

I am a busy person, giving lectures and counseling people on banking and finance. I have to do a lot of research and keep up with a barrage of new information all the time. I must have my wits about me which means getting a good night’s sleep. When I get over tired, my brain simply doesn’t function. I blame my mattress, the night heat, street noise, and the like. Sometimes your mind simply goes over and over the events of the day in a monotonous sequence which prevents you from entering slumberland easily. I am not one to take potions and pills because I want a completely natural sleep. I listen to the experts and turn off the lights and the TV well before bedtime. I don’t read in bed anymore with my handy nightlight. I try to rid my mind of extraneous thoughts that intrude like poison arrows that pierce your body and keep you awake.

I had to have a better solution and so I asked around. People told me about melatonin, drinking warm milk, and eating turkey. Now that’s an odd idea but I will try anything. However, I don’t relish making a turkey sandwich late at night and going to sleep on a full stomach. I finally heard a better idea from a colleague at work. He bought a ceiling fan from this web site that wasn’t just to freshen and cool the air. It is already cold enough at night for most people. In actuality, it creates a kind of “white noise” that obliterates negative or impulsive thoughts. It helped him sleep better and surely it would work for her. You can also buy white noise machines, but the fan is also a nice décor feature and a source of illumination. You can use a dimmer and speed control to get it to operate as you like. If you want more white noise, then turn up the control to high speed and you will have it.

With the ceiling fan, I truly got my money’s worth. It does the job of lulling me to sleep and it is better than counting those boring sheep. You can buy them in various colors, finishes, and sizes to suit your room’s décor and it adds interest and appeal from a decorator’s point of view. Who knew that they create white noise. Most of us have never even heard of it. Kids like it as they often have trouble relaxing enough to pass out at the desirable bed time. If the idea of a ceiling fan is not a positive one, you can get it in white and it will fade away into the ceiling. Think of it first and foremost as a sleep aid and you will appreciate its existence each and every night. Certainly, it is healthier than sleeping pills that are addictive or even ineffective over-the-counter remedies that have suspicious ingredients. Take my word for it, a ceiling fan is the4 better choice.