Enjoying Retirement

Sooner or later, no matter your age, you start to think about retirement—those golden senior citizen years when you can enjoy travel or doing new recreational activities. Some people go boating, snorkeling, or riding in an inflatable kayak on the local river. It is interesting how much people think of the outdoors when they think of those post-work years. Enjoying retirement is easy if you plan ahead and I have always counseled clients to start young and build a nest egg when they have enough money left over for savings. Every household budget must have an allowance for the future. If there is an emergency, of course the money gets eaten up; but you must find a way to start an investment plan before too long. If you don’t have enough money in retirement, you will surely run out of money and have to live only on Social Security.

This, for most people, is not enough to afford the luxury of travel such water recreation in Tahiti. Make sure you give the subject some serious thought. I know that I have. My retirement fantasy is to go snorkeling in various hot spots around the world. I know that picturesque diving locations are ample. In fact, I am now making a list so that I can go to a different place each year. The first time I went snorkeling I felt pretty silly about it. The gear—the face mask, the tube, and the fins—are ugly and cumbersome. I soon got used to it and was thrilled that I had the time to explore the wonders of the depths. As you advance in skill and experience you can go further down to see what others often miss at the surface level of the ocean. You can buy better gear and hire a guide to take you to places that offer more of a challenge. You can get a camera and share gorgeous photos of undersea life with friends on Instagram. It’s a quick and easy way to make people jealous!

The point I am making is to try things out and find hobbies now you can pursue later in retirement. It comes before you know it. You have endless days to fill and some people elect to work part time. But most want a real retirement with all the perks and benefits. It doesn’t have to be water recreation but take my word for it that this provides more than a few hours of fun in the sun. You are outdoors in nature and will make many friends, fellow divers who appreciate what mother nature has to offer. Okay, you can learn to ski or ice skate if you like winter climates, but who doesn’t prefer warmth and comfort? I have selected my retirement activity and can attest to its many exciting adventures. There is something amazing about being under the sea and feeling that you are part of another world.